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Top Ten Myth or Sex Toy Legends

Over the years the Sex Toy market has exploded with new and innovative items to help the world ‘Get Themselves Off’. To celebrate International Masturbation Month, Pink Rocket decided to have a good look at some of the world’s most unique and interesting masturbation products. Here’s a list of the Top Ten Myth or Sex Toy Legends

snowman sex1.) A Snowman

Last winter, habitual drinker Kenneth Guilespie was rushed to hospital after being found screaming in agony next to the remains of a 5 foot Snowman. After having sex with the Snowman, Guilespie began to suffer the effects of frostbite to the penis. He was rushed to hospital for immediate treatment and was luckily discharged with full use of his penis.

2.) Goats Eye Cockrings

One of the first ever recorded sex toys and still favoured by some, the goat’s eye cock ring is crafted from the eyelid of a goat.  Soak in warm water for 10 minutes before use and your goat’s eye cock ring promises to deliver powerful, and longer lasting erections with every use.

Wash after use and keep clean and dry for next time, very cost efficient.

Wry Vajankle so wrong3.) Erotic Feet

Named, the Vajankle, These realistic silicone feet are lovingly crafted from the American company Sinthetics and come complete with a usable vagina which is located in the top part of one of the feet.  Vajankle buyers can choose from a variety of sizes, skin tones and even choose the colour of the toenails and each Vajankle made specially to order to suit the buyer’s exact preference.

All feet are shipped with a pair of shoes…

sex with a fake hymen4.) Artificial Hymen

Do you dream of deflowering a virgin or do you need to restore your virginity before ‘the big day’. Now you can purchase an artificial membrane to fulfil your desire. The artificial hymen is purchased from The Hymen Shop and after careful insertion, expands to fill your vagina and oozes blood once penetration has taken place.

You really can turn back time…

hello kitty vibrator5.) Hello Kitty Vibrator

Originally sold as a massager, the Hello Kitty range of personal massagers quick made their way into adult stores and movies as an ‘intimate massager’. Despite their initial outrage and a lengthy lawsuit with the creators, Sanrio did a complete U turn and revived the phenomenon. Parents were horrified at the prospect of their daughters unwittingly buying the Hello Kitty Massager. However, product sales are still going strong as fans of Hello Kitty clamber to get their hands on the controversial product.

Orca cock dildo6.) The Orca

When your partner just doesn’t quite hit the spot, it’s time to whip out the massive Orca dildo. The Orca dildo from Exotic Erotics is a 17.5 inch whale penis carefully crafted for to look exactly like it’s counterpart for complete authenticity. Enjoy the tender, whale mating experience with this interesting product but make sure your own lover doesn’t get the hump….

Your Orca dildo even comes with its own storage bag.

7.) The Vee-String

Designed to hide the male genitalia and create the effect of a ‘feminine mound’. The Vee-String comes complete with a penetrable cavity so the wearer can also enjoy the simulation of the feminine sexual experience.

Choose your skin tone and pubic hair to perfectly match your tone and enjoy wearing the comfortable Vee-Strings for hours at a time.

hot doll dog sex toy8.) The Hot Doll – Sex Toy for your Dog

Not to be left out, you furry friends can also enjoy mind blowing masturbation with the creation of the unusual Hot Doll. Designed by the French design company FeelAddicted, the Hot Doll Comes complete with a removable cone for the owner to remove and wash out when your pampered pet has had their fun.

The dog must also be ‘taught’ to use the Hot Doll, although there are no tips to help owners achieve this…

gummy granny9.) The Gum Job Granny Blow Up Doll

If its age and experience you’re looking for, Pipedream have lovinginly created the Gum Job Granny Blow Up Love Doll. With 3 pleasure holes to choose from and with her own set of false teeth, the Gum Job Granny promises to be the horny old gal you’ve always desired.

10.) Pig Tail Butt Plug

Roll around and get dirty like the little Swine you are with the 10 inch Pig Tail Butt Plug. Pop it in and roll around like a filthy animal with this twisty treat from the Extreme Restraints Website. It simply pops into your rear end and leaves a curly pigs tail sticking out for extreme role play.


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Author: Melissa Macfarlane Melissa is a sassy writer, combining a love of writing with a passion for sex toys.