A-Z of Sex Toys

A-Z of Sex Toys

Need a comprehensive guide to sex toys? Look no further than The Pink Rocket A-Z of Sex Toys where we guide you through our fabulous range of toy recommendations from A-Z. Adventurous – An adventurous lover is one who isn’t afraid to break the boundaries and try something new. Wild and exciting, sex with an adventurous…

Jimmy Jane Form 4

Sex Toys in the Water

Summer is coming and we know what that means… holiday time! You’ve booked destination, picked up your passport and slapped sun screen. Now to sort out the water fun! If you’re looking for something to spice up the private hot tub or Jacuzzi, look no further than Pink Rockets Top 10 summer Sex Toys to…

snowman sex

Top Ten Myth or Sex Toy Legends

Over the years the Sex Toy market has exploded with new and innovative items to help the world ‘Get Themselves Off’. To celebrate International Masturbation Month, Pink Rocket decided to have a good look at some of the world’s most unique and interesting masturbation products. Here’s a list of the Top Ten Myth or Sex Toy…

Man scared of sex toys

Why are Men Scared of Sex Toys?

I hosted a Sex Toy party the other day, a young woman eagerly examined the products on offer and decided to give her boyfriend a call so he could help her choose a product. She ended the phone call disappointed. Her boyfriend quickly rejected the idea of using sex toys together and was upset that…

3D Printing Sex Toys

Sex Toys & 3D Printing

In the near future, 3D printing will allow us to create anything from guns to fashion accessories in the comfort of our own homes, but what about Sex Toys? Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: Pink Rocket


Jessica Rabbit Slim G-spot Vibe Review

I remember as a barely 20 something woman and venturing into the world of sex toys that the one vibrator that stood out from the crowd was the famous ‘Rabbit Vibrator‘.  But there was an abundance to choose from. Standing in a sex toy shop in Germany that resembled a small supermarket, I looked over…

Rebel Tickler Review

We all like something a little different in the bedroom, so when a unique looking sex toy comes along, it instantly makes my toes curl! I have been eyeing up the Tickler range of vibrators over the last few months and the Pinkrocket.co.uk folks must have been reading my mind, when they asked me to…


Hello world!

It’s been a while in development but Pink Rocket now has a sex toy review blog!… We’ll be updating this blog with all the latest reviews, articles and super special deals. If you have any suggestions for content, reviews, articles then drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.