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Jessica Rabbit Vibrators

Jessica Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators combine three types of stimulation on your three most powerful pleasure points. The jewel of the Rabbit vibrator series is a bullet sized power vibe that sits inside the clitoral stimulator. High powered stimulation can be intense directly on the clitoris, the Rabbit vibrator's ears slide either side of you, allowing  you to experience a wide variety of intense stimulation without needing to pull away.

The Rabbit's clitoral stimulation combines vibrations and pulsations in various speeds and patterns. The Rabbit shaft uses vibration and oscillation to stimulate your inner G-spot and the outer nerve endings. Producing strong orgasms you can feel internally and externally. Rabbit vibrator's have come a long way since the 90's. Rabbit vibrators now come with Slim shafts and thick shafts. Curved, textured and contoured shafts. In various lengths with many combinations of pleasure.

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